Increase Your CONFIDENCE and Improve Your MINDSET

How to further increase your confidence and cultivate a positive mindset for even more positive business results! | taught by Tim Wade

Course description

The modules in this course are designed to cover specific points about further increasing your confidence and cultivating a positive mindset for even more positive business results!

Videos: awesome, deliberately concise and focused... and awesome. Except for 3.

Hosted by Tim Wade who briefly explains the key concept of the module, we then dive into the sketch that illustrates the point. Characters include: a lost and uncertain Captain America, an idiotic Batman, a gangster named Cyril the Sharp-Knife, and many more. After that there is an executive summary.

Course material: think, reflect, apply, win.

Once you've watched the video there is course material for you to work through. This is where you can review and apply the training.

We see no need for you to spend hours and hours on training with no implementation. Implementation is key. The program is powerful in its engagement, and produces results when you apply the lessons. So that's what we're here to help you do.

Excellent, practical, fresh, made especially for you. And that other guy.

Be sure to engage in the discussions too, as they will help you clarify ideas and keep you accountable, and feel free to connect with us should you have any questions!

Enjoy your next program!

Excerpt from intro:

My name is Tim Wade and I'll be leading you through this module in a number of ways. I'm sometimes Batman. Or another superhero.

Isn't it strange how most superheroes are hidden behind masks or costumes? Is that something about their confidence and mindset? Or is it simply a confidentiality play so they can have some time off when the world isn't in mortal danger? Anyway, I believe there are two versions of you. There is the current you, and the even better you. Your potential version of yourself that simply needs to be unmasked. So in this series, we're going to focus on increasing your Confidence and your Mindset.

We'll progress together through this program to do just that. I've structured this for you to be completed each week. But if you are super-keen, you might get it done a little faster as each module will be released 5 days after the previous one. The pacing is designed for you to immerse in each module so you are actively doing something each day to grow even more. Just getting all the knowledge quickly and not doing anything with it won't get you the result you want. I've done that before too, and it doesn't work as effectively. Let's begin.

Okay so here's what you'll see for each module:

1. There will be a short video. In it I introduce a key concept from a newsdesk, then you watch a skit of the concept in practice (usually in a very weird or humorous way - but you'll see), and then there will be a super brief executive summary in the video.

2. Then you'll be taken to a section in which I deconstruct the video. I'll talk you through the key elements of the skit like a director talking about a movie. I'll share the key things to look out for and you might end up wanting to watch the skit again. It's an audio file that you can listen to, and I've included the transcript of what I say so you can follow as well.

So whether you prefer watching, reading or listening, I've got you covered. And the doing part comes next.

3. Then it's time for you to put some ideas into action. For this I've created Your One Week Worksheet with activities for you to do or things to think about for the next 5 days. You can print this out if you want and create a journal for the program if you wish. I've left space on each page for you to document what you're doing, the insights you've come up with, and how you felt or thought about doing a particular activity. Again, this is the part where you turn a concept into a practice and where you increase your Confidence and develop an even more victorious Mindset.

4. Finally, there's an optional opportunity for you to connect with a community, discuss questions and connect with me, my team or others who have been through or are going through the program too. This is a great way to be encouraged by what others are doing and thinking, and to encourage others with your own ideas and experiences too. I'd like to encourage you to at least document that you watched, listened, read and did the exercises, or share some quick thoughts. This has been shown to increase learning and keep the program top of mind, because I also want to ensure that you get the most out of this program by completing all of it.

Time for you to develop even more confidence and cultivate and sustain a mindset of victory! So... let's really get started!

Oh, and thanks again for joining us. You're awesome by the way. :)


Let's go!

Tim Wade
Tim Wade
Global Conference Speaker

Global conference speaker and professional trainer engaged by leading businesses, government agencies and organisations seeking to motivate positive change through their superhero people. Read more about Tim here: -- about your instructor --

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