The programs have been written, created and developed by Tim Wade.

Tim Wade is a global conference speaker and professional trainer engaged by leading businesses, government agencies and organisations seeking to motivate positive change. He is engaged by businesses, institutions, churches, and government ministries to inspire, educate, inform and help people shift to an even better version of themselves.

Tim's clients include global corporations, governments, associations, churches, schools, charities, even prisons and banks:

Here's Tim Wade's bio:

Tim Wade is a multiple-award winning global conference speaker and trainer. Clients have engaged him to work with audiences of 10 to 10,000 people, whether that's in Japan or Egypt or most places in between.

Tim combines a university background in Psychology from the University of Queensland, with over 19 years of corporate operational management experience, business leadership and award-winning management consulting.

"Tim is a business speaker who has actually worked in corporate and has probably faced and solved the issues your audience is facing. That means he hasn't single-handedly sailed the oceans of the world on a 3-foot log, nor dragged himself up a mountain using only a banana, and he cannot recite the Declaration of Independence backwards using only consonants. His claim to fame is he helps business leaders and their people to motivate positive change to create positive business results." - actually he wrote that himself.

Tim has managed corporate departments and divisions of between 3 and 400 staff in different organisations in Asia and Australia and has experienced many of the changes most organisations experience during their various business cycles whether he was in junior roles as a front-line service staff, Team Leader, or when he was in senior roles such as National Manager for Operations, or Vice President of the International Group of a $2.2 billion revenue company evaluating suitable mergers and acquitions.

He has also designed, managed, coached and implemented the changes, so he speaks from actual experience and can empathise with what the employees and the leaders may be thinking and feeling. That's why so many clients have engaged him to design programs that reach those people, engage them during the session and help them embrace, shift and be inspired to deliver positive results.

His speaking, training, facilitation and consulting clients include MNCs, Government Ministries and Agencies, SMEs and Institutions and Associations.

Clients include organisations as diverse as: Ferrari, John Deere, Singtel, Credit Suisse, Royal Carribean, Cotton On, Daimler, Saudi-Hollandi Bank, Singapore Government ministries and agencies, as well as universities and tertiary colleges, the Dubai Government, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and many many MANY more.

He has also spoken with thousands of people in schools, churches, prisons and charities, some as part of his giving programs.

Tim Wade leads and facilitates programs for clients that extend from conference keynotes, leadership retreats, short workshops and training programs, to 15-day Management Development programs and 9-month immersive curricula based on operational competencies, personal enrichment skills and leadership development. He is then often asked to host kickoffs, launches and staff conventions as part of his involvement with such programs.

Organisations engage Tim Wade to work with their teams to:

  • embrace, lead and improve positive organisational change
  • accelerate business growth and facilitate strategic sessions,
  • increase customer service quality and profitable productivity,
  • increase employee motivation, creativity and problem solving,
  • increase internal and external marketing and communications*

* some of this is delivered through his Wade Studios video solutions.

His sessions are engaging, fun and insightful and focus on delivering session results with his entertaining and participative style. And he'd love to do the same for you and your team through these programs or contact us here to discuss how Tim Wade can come and deliver awesome results for your organisation.

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Here are some awesome testimonials:

This is the second time I've invited Tim as a guest/anchor speaker for my event... The management team is so impressed with the session that we are looking forward to have him back for next year’s conference! Thank you once again for the fantastic session!

Agnes Lee - Marketing Manager, IELTS, IDP Education Pty Ltd, Australia

We utilised the outstanding skills of Tim Wade as lead facilitator for a number of seminars and workshops. Without exception our clients responded positively to Tim’s leadership and open encouraging style. With a mix of humour and extremely well polished speaking skills, Tim is hard to beat as a speaker and facilitator.

Simon Kriss - CEO Sagatori Consulting, Hong Kong

Mr Tim Wade is an exceptional and inspiring speaker. His talk aided all attending public servants in a very different perspective. It was very appropriate and well-tailored to our framework.

LTA Lim Zhong Yi - Singapore Civil Defence Academy

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This is what Tim Wade looked like in 2013. He's since lost the microphone pin and has had a haircut and a baby. Well, actually his wife Lydia did most of the work for the first 9 months of the baby process. And since Zoe was born in early 2016, Tim has been specialising as a cart-horse lugging around pretty much everything. He has created these programs because it enables him to spend a little less time travelling the world speaking, and a little more time with Zoe and Lydia. And Bobo the cat. And dressing up in costumes.

Anyway stop procrastinating and go and get started with the programs!